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Our History

Ever since the  four Badrani brothers were young they always talked about owning there own bussniess and when they got the opportunity they stepped up and joined forces to start from scratch and make it to the top.

The family lived in New York city and it was tough with so little money they brought.   In 1984 The four Badrani brothers put a 800$down payment on a small store.which later became known as 5 star market. 5 star market was a small store here in Escondido that included Groceries,Produce,& meat. The four brothers stayed together working hard to improve every aspect of there business and hard work always pays off and in 1994 the brothers opened up a bigger store by the name of Viva market.

Viva was similar to 5 star but it had more variety for the consumer it included everything form grocery, produce, beer, liquor,meat, and even a kitchen where they served hot food. That also did not stop them from opening a larger store and expanding the business even more.

That's when Valley Max Super market was born. In 2005 The brothers came together and decided that the economy is expanding and so should we,they decided on opening a even bigger store that would give the community a better picture and give more jobs to the people here in this city. Valley Max employees over a 55 employees and is planning on expanding.

Valley Max includes 11 different departments form the fresh Produce to the smell of the fresh baked bread that fills the air, don't forget about the meat that's fresh everyday. Valley Max is still expanding and will not stop until all goals are reached so if you still haven't shopped with us come down and find out what all the buzz is about.